Confidentiality policy

Welcome to Secondly website. What follows contains information about personal data collection following the visit to our website.

1- Collecting personal details

We save the following detals:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number

The personal details that we save are gathered from forms because of the interactivity and searches you have made on our website. We use as well, as indicated below, cookies and/or forms to assemble information concerning our users.

2 – Forms and interactivity

Your personal data is collected for the means of constructing a form. We thus use this gathered information for the following purposes:

  • Information / Special offers
  • Statistics
  • Contact

The information is also collected for the reason where there is interactivty between you (as a user) and our website in the following manner:

  • Statistics
  • Contact

We thus use this gathered information for the following purposes:

  • Correspondence
  • Information or for personal special offers

Your personal data will be saved for 3 years for our marketing data (statistics).

3 – The right to opposition and withdrawal

We commit to offering you a right to opposition and withdrawal concerning your personal data.

The right of opposition is basically the possiility that our users are offered, to refuse that their data collected be used for certain purposes as mentioned at the time of collection.
The right to withdrawal is basically the possibility that our users are offered to refuse that their data appear in lists such as mailing lists.

To exercise your rights, you can write to us at the following address:

Secondly Sud-Est, 122, chemin du Stade, La Courtasse, 07000 Flaviac

4 – Right of access

We promise to recognize any request made from our users to correct, consult, modify, or even erase their data respectively.

To excercise this right please write to the following address:

Secondly Sud-Est, 122, chemin du Stade, La Courtasse, 07000 Flaviac

5 – Security

The personal data that is collected is kept in a safe environment . Your data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect by our workers. To ensure the security of your personal data, we apply the following safety measures :

  • SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Access management – Authorized person
  • Access management – person in question
  • Computer Backup
  • Log in / Password
  • Firewalls

We promise to maintain the highest degree of confidentiality by integrating state of the art technologies that insure the safety of your transactions. However, like any other program, we can’t offer the highest protection, there is always a risk when transmitting and using personal data on the internet.

6 – Using cookies and Session identification

Usually, cookies are used on our website in order to provide targeted information in relation to your search settings. Our applications and websites use cookies as follows: Session ID (temporary use), persistent cookies (limited time use), and third party cookies.

Cookies are small text files sent to your PC or other terminals from our website and are normally stored on your hard drive for the browser that you use. Cookies can neither execute a program nor transfer a virus onto your computer, but are only used to send necessary information so that your visit to our website is easy and efficient.

If you have an account on one of our websites, we use cookies to identify you from previous visits; if not, then you would have to connect every time you open the website. The stored information are saved seperately from other data that might have been sent to us. The data from the cookies won’t be linked to your additional data . The session ID allows the different requests of your browser to be assigned to the same session, so that every time you visit the website, your computer is recongnized. The session IDs are deleted every time you disconnect or close the browser.

Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a specific period, which can vary depending on the type of cookie. You can delete the cookies at any time if you go to the security settings in your browser; you can also set up your browser to refuse thrid party cookies or all cookies. Please note that if you do that, some or all functions on the website can’t be used.

7 – Links to third party services

This data confidentiality policy only applies to our website and subpages. Our website can also contain links towards other suppliers not covered by this declaration. If you leave our website through a link, it is recommended that you read attentively the rules of data pretection of each website that gathers personal data.

7.1 Link towards social media

We have added a shortcut to Facebook on our website so that you could find Secondly on social media in one click. In the interest of keeping your personal data safe, the buttons are only integarated as a link towards the respective services. This guarantees that the transfer of data to any other operator will not happen without your consent.

After clicking on the button, you will be redirected towards our supplier and you can then visit the different pages that Secondly has to offer on the different platforms. There you can see the activities and topics that relate to Secondly, leave your comments and exchange ideas with other people.

We have no influence on the treatment and data collection on these pages, and we have no idea about the aim or reason the data is collected for, nor the time that the data will be kept. Information about the treatment of your personal data during the use of these websites is available in the regulations on data protection for each supplier.

7.2 Using Google Maps

On our website, you can use the service Google Maps to see where Secondly is located. Moreover, the information gathered as you use the Secondly website and your IP address are both transferred and stored on the Google server in the U.S. In it’s confidentiality pollcy, Google agrees not to transmit information to a third party. This is applied, unless it is asked for legally, or if a third party treats the data collected for Goodle.

You can find Google’s policy on the following link.

You have the possibility to deny the transfer of your data to Google. You just have to deactivate Java Script in your browser.

7.3 Using Google Analytics

This website uses Google analytics, a website analysis service by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies, text files saved on your PC to allow the use of the website. The information gathered by the cookies during use of the website is usually transmitted and saved on a Google server in the U.S . However, if a VPN is activated on the website, your IP adress will be probably clipped by Google in the States of the European Union or in other States who have agreed on the Economic European Space.

The complete IP adress is only clipped and transferred to the Google server in the U.S. in certain exeptional cases. On demand from the website’s owner, Google will use the information to analyse your usage of the website, establish links concerning your activity on the site, and supply other services in relation to the usage of the website. The IP address transmitted by your browser for Google Analytics is not stored with the other Google data.

You can prevent the gathering and saving of cookies by manipulating your browser not to do so. Please note, that in this case, it may happen that you won’t be able to correctly use all the functions of the website. Also, you can prevent data census and data treatment concerning the use of the website through cookies (including your IP address) by Google, by downlaoding and installing the following browser plug-in:

7.4 Sharing on Social Media

We propose the function “share” on our website and applications. It can be used to share the content of our websites, such as news, articles or projects through email and socilal media (Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Gogle Plus, WhatsApp, email…)

If you share our content by email, know that you are the one responsible for the gathering and treatment of data according to the German law on data protection.

In the interest of protecting data as much as we can, the buttons on our websites and applications are built-in only as links towards the respective services. This guarantees that the transfer of data will not happen every time you go to a social media interface unless you particularly specify it.

After having clicked on the button, without being connected to a social media website, a sign-in window will open in your browser and at the same time a cookie will be placed on your hard drive. If you click on the button, when you are already signed-in to social media, the network could grant your visit on your account on social media.

Third party websites are only operated by them. We have no influence on the data collected and treated, and we know nothing of the data collection, its objective and storing limits. Information of the treatment of your personal data while using these particular websites are available in the data protection policy of the supposed websites.