TELMA- MATELAS (mattress in French): these words are linked…

High performance and durable, our eco-responsible TELMA foam is made in France (in Ardèche), from recycled mattress matter.

These recycled materials are ground, then reassembled by a system of air and heat to form a new foam, efficient and durable, with no added chemical substances.

It took us five years of R&D to develop this eco-responsible and high-quality foam.


The good choice
for our planet

CO² emissions to make 1 kg of foam

  • New PU foam (sector specific): 5,5 kg
  • TELMA foam: 1,37 kg

CO2 emissions
reduced by 75%




Performant and sustainable

Composition Formulation from polyurethane foam (PU) and/or latex from recycled mattresses and bi-component polyester (thermal binder)
Thickness from 15 to 180 mm
Maximum width 2050 mm
Length from 150 mm to… (as much as you need)
Density between 30 & 80 kg/mᶟ
Packaging Loose or on a Pallet
Cut As ordered and thermoformed
Added chemicals None
VOC up to 100 times less than newly made foams

COMPOSITION : Made from Polyurethane (PU), latex and bi-component polyester (thermal bound).

THICKNESS: from 15 to 180mm

MAX WIDTH : 205 mm

LENGTH : from 150 mm to … (as much as you need)

DENSITy : between 30 & 80 kg/mᶟ

PACKAGING: Loose or on a pallet

CUT : As ordered and thermoformed


VOC : up to 100 times less than newly made foams.

With complete transparency

We’re reinventing the foam industry with products that are good for us as humans and our planet.

We can now say that TELMA foam can divide CO² emissions by 4.

This result is the fruit of the LCA, the Life Cycle Assessment of TELMA foam.

LCA is an ISO 14040 and 14044 standardized assessment method, which makes it possible to measure the environmental impact of a product throughout its life, and carried out by certified experts (we have worked for nearly 3 years with the FCBA Technological Institute).

Contact us to receive these special data for both the humans and the planet. 😀 >

Already in the loop


of application


Furnishing foam

Our TELMA foam is made following a bill of specifications from a select dosage of our raw material derived from the mattress recycling procedure and thermal bound fibres.

This dosage permits to choose the confort and support that you would like to have: energetic, sturdy, soft, envelopping…

The TELMA foam, through its alveolar structure provides ventilation and optimal thermal regulation. Eco-friendly designed, and made in France, the Telma foam will surprise your clients and satisfy your desires whether it’s for seats, benches, mattresses…


The alveolar structure of our TELMA foam has great absorption of sound waves that lose their potency the moment they hit the thickness of the foam.

Ideally, they are used to cover walls and ceilings, it reduces wave reflexion and diminishes echo formation.

protection and wedging foam

Protection and wedging foam

The TELMA foam can be assembled and cut in any style to create the format that you desire.

It’s denisty and durability permits shock absorption, scratch prevention, and deformation.

Packaging, sports protection, securing spaces… The TELMA foam, eco-friendly and made in France, has all you need for your future projects.

Thermal insulation

The TELMA foam is a great thermal insulator which protects cockpits and houses from extreme temperature variations.