R&D and process

Industries, creators, distributors, influencers, our collective responsibility is to be the source of change.

Together we will awaken matter, positively impact and stimulate innovation!


All together!

Let’s rethink our way of designing products

Let’s answer to the French people’s yearning for healthy, local and eco-friendly products.

Let’s adopt a circular economy approach

Let’s put on the market, recyclable and recycled products

Let it be our requirement to ask for better value for our money

Let’s develop a new responsible industrial process

Let’s innovate to develop well performing products

We can intervene

Process R&D Secondly

More sustainable evolution

Process R&D Secondly

Define the need and characterize it

Process R&D Secondly
Identify the technical uncertainties
Process R&D Secondly
Define a plan for testing
Process R&D Secondly

Qualify the matter by experiments, ACV, diplomas, and norms

Process R&D Secondly
Focus on products
Process R&D Secondly
Adapt to the process and steer change
Process R&D Secondly
Launch the pre-industrial phase by quality control, logistics, tracability…
Process R&D Secondly
Market the product
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Our R&D process is part of circular economy

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This R&D process is co-constructed with our partners and clients

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We lean on scientific and reglementary wakefulness.


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