We are often asked the question…

An individual, how do I recyle my mattress?

An end-of-life mattress recycling industry has been established in France since May 2013 by Eco-Mobilier. Do you remember the words “eco-participation” when you buy your mattress? This eco-participation is sent to Eco-mobilier so that they can handle the collection and treatment of old and used mattresses.

To recylce your mattress, you just need to take it to the recycling centre or call the assistance and transport for bulky material of your city/region. Your worn out mattress will be recycled and sent to a certified treatment center. There are 6 qualified treatment centres in France, of which Secondly owns 2.

I'm the head of a company or business, how do I recycle my foam, mattresses...?

Eco-mobilier picks up the entriety of the prioducts that you don’t want in order to recycle them. You can consult their pick-up solutions in their guide: “How to get rid of furniture and used mattresses when in charge of a company ?”.

How does the company 'Eco-mobilier' work?

To isolate used furniture, and keep them from ending up in a landfill, as well as to reduce their environmental impact, 24 manufacturers and distributors created, in 2011, a non-profit eco-friendly organisation called Eco-mobilier. Discover their website where their objective is “No furniture goes to waste”.

What does eco-participation do?

When you buy a new piece of furniture in the shop or online, you pay an ‘eco-participation’ fee.

Since the 1st of May 2013, furniture manufacturers and distributors alike, to whom you pay this fee, transfer it to ‘Eco-mobilier’. This non-profit organisation, certified by the state, takes responsibility for collecting, recycling, sorting, and valorising used furniture.

I'm searching for an eco-friendly mattress or a cushion for padding made in France; where to find the different secondly products?

Secondly, in it’s Ardèche site, manufactures eco-friendly mattresses and padding.

You can make an appointment to buy our products directly from the factory by calling, or by email at: acceuilSSE@secondly.fr

I would like to receive some eco-friendly foam samples, is it possible?

Yes. To offer you the sample that best meets your needs, contact us by phone or e-mail and we will define togther the products that best suit you.

For the mattresses, cushions and raw material, What would you think would work for the order guide (minimal quantities, packaging, delivery, wrapping, transporters)?

Our catalogue is not yet available, we are working on it!